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Wyoming Pack Trips

Beard Outfitters' Guided Horseback Pack Trips through the Jedediah Smith Wilderness on the west slope of the majestic Teton Mountain Range are an experience of a lifetime.

You'll enjoy a full day of horseback riding through fields of wild flowers, bubbling streams, glacier lakes, and wildlife on one of our gentle mountain bred horses.

Horseback Pack Trip Highlights:

  1. Full day of riding through fields of wild flowers, quiet streams, glacier lakes, and wildlife
  2. Evening campfire, dutch oven meal, and fresh dutch oven huckleberry cobbler
  3. Crystal clear skies uninhibited by city lights, allowing you to see stars, meteors, and the Milky Way
  4. Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon, and a cowboy breakfast

Each evening you'll be cozy next to the warmth of a crackling fire while enjoying a hearty dutch oven meal, prepared by your horseback guides. For dessert, we'll have dutch oven cobbler made from fresh huckleberries that we'll pick during our daily rides.

Lay out under the star-filled sky and let the soft sounds of the night put you to sleep. You'll be in a place where you've never seen so many stars in the night sky. With the naked eye, you'll also be able to see shooting stars and several satellites passing overhead. A place only a horseback ride can take you.

Next morning wake up to the scent of coffee brewing and bacon frying over the campfire. You'll enjoy a hearty hot cowboy breakfast served by your hosts in preparation for another adventure-filled day.

Beard Outfitters has been Wyoming's leading horseback guide for over 40 years. We own all of our horses and equipment, which means we know each animal. We'll match you to one of our horses based on your personal riding abilities. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a beginner to horseback trail rides, you'll have a great time.

We welcome families however, we do have a minimum age for riders, which is 10 years old with some previous horseback riding experience.

For our Fishermen, there are several alpine lakes and small mountain streams located throughout most of our trips, so bring your fishing rod and try your hand at catching some native Wyoming cutthroat trout. Bait cast and lures work well in the early season (June - July) and flies are our favorite later in the season (August - September).